Building Music From Scratch
It Can Be Done

Tonight was wonderful…I interviewed a new intern for my company, Setlist Management ( and I’m thoroughly stoked for the future and what is ahead. But after my meeting I felt like I needed something more…I needed a challenge. I decided to go right to the top of a mountain I’ve been trying to climb for a long time rather than working my way up the chain.

Why do we see a challenge and begin over-thinking, doubting, and looking for a way to diplomatically work our way into good situations through political means and connections rather than hitting things head-on? I’m so tired of kissing up to people through other connections…don’t get me wrong; connectivity is VITAL to our existence and who you know is important. BUT, I think the value of simply asking has disappeared in our world.

"Ask, and you shall receive" is a lost value and I intend to revive it. DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR BIG THINGS!!! A famous saying goes, "You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take" and sadly, too many of us simply don’t take the big shots. Miss or not, I want to know that at the end of the day, I took the biggest shot possible. I took the shot everyone else was too scared or intimidated to take, and I’m the one who stands the greatest chance at glory. I may miss, but if I shoot straight, I get to live the dream that others chase for a lifetime.

Guts and the simplicity of asking can open doors that years of playing politics will never touch. I took a shot tonight…and I hit the game-winner. I will never be afraid to ask again.